Account Settings

In Account Settings, you can manage your personal info, plans and billing, and the companies you've subscribed, if you have a professional account. 

Personal Info

This is where you can view the email address listed with your account and view or update your personal information--your first and last name, username, and phone number.

This page also provides you the option to delete your account.

Plans & Billing

Here, you can view the plan you have subscribed to and all the billing details. This page also enables you to add or update your payment method and your billing & shipping information. You can view your invoice history and cancel your subscription here, as well.

(For Professionals)

If you have a professional account, clicking on the "Info" tab underneath your company name will enable you to edit some of your company's information. This includes your company name and location, as well as an extensive list of services that you can browse through. Select up to 5 services that your company offers to help attract leads.

The "Members" tab displays all the members you have added to your company account, including their username, role, and contact information. For a pro account, this user will be you. For larger companies, you will see all the users you have added to your plan.