How do I delete my user account?

Before deleting your account, please keep in mind that this is an irreversible action. If deleting your account is what you truly wish to do, follow these simple steps: 

Once you've confirmed that deleting your account is truly what you want to do, your account will be immediately deleted and permanently inaccessible.

If you'd still like to stop your subscription but still be able to access your designs for a while, consider cancelling your subscription instead of deleting your account. To cancel your subscription, follow the steps below:

Taking these steps will cancel your subscription renewal. You will be able to use premium features for the duration of the period of time you purchased. For monthly subscriptions, this is 30 days from your purchase date. For annual subscriptions, your account will be active 365 days from your purchase date. For example, if you purchase a monthly subscription on September 1st and cancel on September 20th, you will still have access to your designs and the premium features until September 30th, when your subscription is cancelled and you no longer have access to your designs or the features.